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Having had pet goats on my family farm since I was a child I got my first pair of wethers 15 years ago, that’s where my passion for them began. A few years ago I decided to buy a couple of nannies to breed from. ┬áThen i decided to purchase my own billy, and was fortunate to find an outstanding chap, Marshview Silas, which I use on my nannies today. I’ve since acquired some lovely nannies all bar two registered with the pygmy goat club.
I’m fortunate to have my own farm in a beautiful part of East yorkshire, where my goats enjoy a wonderful life.
Kids are available throughout the year just look at the for sale page.

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Pygmy goats make wondeful addition to your life but before considering having pygmy goats there are a few things you need to provide.
They will need a shelter and a grazing area.They will also require hay and a concentrate feed and of course clean fresh water. You will also  need a CPH number which can easily be obtained from your local defra office. Foot trimming is essential every six to eight weeks, but once you get the hang is quite an easy task. They also require worming and vaccinating every six months.

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If you have any questions about any of the Pygmy Goats you have seen on this website, or want to know more information about our goats, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to hearing form you.




Sue Godwin
Ashfield Farm
Wilfholme Road
East Yorkshire
YO25 9BQ




Here you can view a selection of the Pygmy Goats we have and have had here at Suego. For ‘Goats for Sale’ please visit our Sale Page.